USB Memory Direct

I recently got these USB drives for my clients and thoght I’d show you guys. I love them!

The USB’s I chose from USB Memory Direct are the Tower wood drives in light wood (

I am so excited to offer these to you guys in addition to the digital downloads I provide. This is a nice addition to ensure that you have your images saved in two places- on your computer and on a external drive.  You can even order more of these to gift to your family members that may want to print images but aren’t technically savvy to download them online (Grandma and Grandpa?)

A few things I look for in USB’s that I present to my clients is consistent quality, style, writing speed and ability to customize to match my simple style.

I’m a firm believer in work smarter, not harder. I need a flash drive that writes data quickly when transferring images from my computer to the USB. This does just that!

I love that the sleek wood design goes well with my branding. The lids are magnetic which makes them durable and safe to put in your purse or wherever, knowing that the lid will stay on and protect the USB.
Consistency in quality is incredibly important. I don’t want to order a bulk of a product and receive some that are good and some that shouldn’t have passed the product line. I love that each USB I receive from USB Memory Direct is finished nicely without any inconsistencies and I can use them right away without worry.