Alliyah’s room- April photo challenge: “my home”

I put “DIY” girls room below because this truly was a “DO IT YOURSELF” room. I didn’t buy many things new for this room. I repurposed a lot. Except the bedspread and pillows which are new.  My little girl chose the set from pottery barn. I was a little hesitant because it is bright white and she is 7 years old and has little brothers. I had her promise she would not ever eat on her bed or draw while on her bed. So far so good. It is still crisp and clean. She takes good care of her room for the most part.

bed: This bed used to be in our master bedroom, but since my husband is 6’6″ we decide to upgrade from our queen to a cali king. This bed used to be a beautiful walnut wood color, and yes, I painted it! Actually spray painted it as a matter of fact. I am the spray paint queen. I have spray painted so many things in my house I cannot even count.  The hard part was sanding the bed, but once I was done with that I sprayed a good primer on the bed and then the spray paint. I use the spray paint from Home depot. I think it is called rustoleum. I love how it turned out. I did try to prime it with a paint brush and I couldn’t stand the brush strokes. I know there are definitely more professional ways to paint a bed, but this worked for me.

dresser: The dresser was my husbands grandmother’s. It used to be green with gold trim. I absolutely love this dresser and painted it 7 years ago while pregnant with my little girl. I changed out the knobs with some teal hardware from anthropologie to go with the teal accents in her room. The dresser could probably stand another coat of paint since its been 7 years, but that won’t be happening anytime soon I’m sure.

Wall vinyl: I don’t know if vinyl is still “In” or if that was so last year. But I saw this beautiful circle scalloped sign online  and just loved it. It can be customized on etsy here 

Sign: I saw this cute sign on pinterest. It is everywhere on there so I’m sure you’ve seen it too.  I had this old window that and decided to make the sign in this instead of using 3 separate frames. I love it! I just designed it in photoshop, printed them for cheap at costco and put them onto 11×14 foam core myself.

Highchair: The highchair for her American girl doll was a $3 garage sale find.  It was an ugly brown before… oh what a little spray paint can do!

Embroidery hoops: My sister made a couple for me and then I found an old vintage, embroidered pillow case that I cut up for one (close-up below). In her room I wanted to use the Sarah Jane fabric line  because I absolutely adore her work. She is my favorite artist. I love all the beautiful fabrics and how fun and playful they are. One has hopscotch print, one is colorful balloons floating in the sky, another is little girls playing with their dolls.  So girly girl and innocent.

mini flag banner: my sister made this for me with scrapbook paper and string. I love it!

book rack: Grandmother’s. Used to be very dated brown color, now super fun and vibrant! Spray paint once again!

embroidery hoop: vintage pillowcase found at an antique shop- Camas antiques

This shelf goes above her dresser so we can keep her dresser top free of clutter.  I covered the frame mats with Sarah Janes fabrics, the shelves came from ikea ($5 ea.), the brackets from home depot (had to spray paint them white) and the other vintage things are from her Great Grandma Helen who passed away.  The silver box to the right is a silver pilots keepsake box that came from her Great Grandpa who was a pilot. She polishes it often to keep it nice and shiny.

spinning stool:  This is a close-up of the stool the I painted and recovered with the same line of Sarah Jane fabrics. She really wanted one of my photography stools because it twirls and moves up and down. I didn’t want a black stool in her room because that wouldn’t be cute! So I recovered it. I used my staple gun for that project.

Pinboard: I got the pinboard at home goods.  It was black and just normal corkboard. I covered it with the same fabric I used for the curtains from the Sarah Jane line and of course spray painted the frame. I had to use a spray paint primer first, let it dry then sprayed it pink.  I was lucky that the pink spray paint happened to be exactly the hue I was looking for.

pink mirror: I wish I would have gotten a better picture of this beautiful vintage mirror that I spray painted pink. I have used it in a few photoshoots though, so you can see it up close here. It was my mother-in-laws.  She has another one waiting for me in Utah next time I’m there. I’m so excited. The best way to spray paint a mirror is to use suran wrap on the mirror itself. That worked really well.

Curtains – Okay these are no sew, no hammer kind of curtains.  These are made out of foam core.  Yes the kind you can buy at the dollar store! I think I used two pieces of foam core, packaging tape, a bag of batting from walmart, and my fabric. I followed this tutorial on little green notebook blog. If you make these make sure to put a top on your curtains. I hung mine using foam core on top, T-brackets, and skewer sticks. Yes, weird, but me and the home depot guy came up with it. They are on the wall nice and snug. 


Here is a pillowcase I made for my little girl. We misplace the books we are reading every once in a while. I made each of my children a reading pillow that they can put their book in. I love how they turned out. They do too.

Cubby: Every child needs a cubby right? We organized her clothes a little better in drawers so we could make space in her little closet. I used to use my moms closet as my cubby. I have such great memories of that closet. I would bring my flashlights in there and read, or try to nap. She has her CD player with Justin bieber’s cd’s, her art supplies, her glow in the dark light poster (magical) and her bieber wallpaper (I mean wrapping paper hung up as wallpaper)

American girl doll organization: We picked this organizer up from Target I believe. It has little places for her girls shoes, accessories, and clothes and fits right behind her door. It works well for the space we have.

And a few more closeups of the Sarah Jane artwork in her room…  Thanks for looking!  If you have any questions about anything in the room please let me know.