Art birthday party

When I think about what I want my children to learn from me one of the items on the top of my list is to be creative. I learned how to be creative from my mom, although she will say she isn’t creative.  She is in many ways.  I was thrilled when my daughter chose an art party. She loves drawing and doing art projects. And of course art projects are one of my favorite things to do with my children.

One of my favorite talks of all time called “Happiness, Your Heritage” by Dieter F. Uchtdorf says “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before . . .

Everyone can create. You don’t need money, position, or influence in order to create something of substance or beauty. Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty. . . As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you.  (see a clip on youtube here)

My daugther painted the large “canvas” above and we hung it on the wall.  We both spray painted the large box by the door. Super homemade looking, but that is what I wanted the party to be – creative at a 7 year old level.


While arriving the kids started out by coloring on the windows with window crayons. Every home should have some of these! They are so fun for moms too! I’ve had fun writing messages on the bathroom windows this week too. Super easy to wash off  of the windows.

We had 17 kids here at our house. I explained that my little girl loved all of them and wanted to invite each person there, but with so many kids we had to have some rules. They were all 6 or 7 years old and did a great job!

Each got their own canvas to paint. I was amazed with the kids creations. I wondered if I would have to give some suggestions on what to paint. Definitely not. Every kid started as soon as they got their paint pallet at their table. I only wish I would have had all the kids hold up their work!

We also did a hot rock activity. Each kid got a couple rocks that had been heated in the oven for 10 minutes. We had crayons set out and they got to paint on the rocks with crayons. The crayons instantly melted onto the rocks. This worked great because the kids are old enough to understand that they shouldn’t touch the rocks with their fingers, only the crayons.  My only wish is that I would have had a big rock for each kid. That would have been cooler, but all in all the kids loved it!

My all time favorite cake I’ve made. I was almost giddy about it when we finally got to cut into the cake. Wahoo! Exactly what I wanted it to look like.  And the kids thought it was so cool too.  Since each layer was frosted with homemade buttercream frosting it was one of the yummiest cakes too! The cake is wrapped with a cake tattoo I bought at michaels. It is edible. Super easy to put on.  

As you can see all of the decor was homemade by me and my little girl. One night we stayed up late making construction paper links. A girls night. I love those nights because we get alone time to talk.  We decided instead of buying little trinkets to give her friends that we would make a traveling art kit for everyone. My friend Ainsley had made these for her sons birthday party and we have loved them!  It has ties on each side to keep it all together. Inside is a notebook, chalk board (made with chalkboard fabric), crayons, chalk and an eraser.  All the kids loved them.  Mercy told her mom she needs to learn how to sew so she can make them for her party. Mercy also told her mom this was the funnest birthday party she has ever been too.  Auh, shucks Mercy!  It was all worth it for that comment.    🙂    I love that my self esteem can be boosted by a 6 year old… ha ha

I got these paint cans at Micheals and Joannes.  I wanted bright things to go in them so we found the cheese balls at world market and the marshmallows that look like chalk at walmart.  Aren’t those great!  The rainbow picture was found on pinterest. I made one and forgot to take a picture of it!

And the after effects of the party…. I still haven’t washed my windows because they are so cheerful. We have loved looking at them all week and I intend on keeping the drawings up until the fall decorating begins.  Thanks kids for the beauty!

And the invite I bought on etsy. Much easier having it designed by someone else!

If you use any of these pictures I just ask that you link up to my site to show where these pictures came from. And of course if anyone is throwing an art party and has any questions I’d be happy to help if I can.