Viva Las Vegas

Wow, just got back from a fabulous photography conference last night. It was in Las Vegas for 4 days. The WPPI is the biggest wedding/portraiture conference. Thousands and thousands of photographers together in one hotel, the MGM. The energy, the creative spirit there was so inspiring, fun and eye opening for me. I hope to share a few things I learned there. My favorite speaker I went to was on Tuesday. Her name is Jasmine Star. Here is her promo video she started out with. It shows her spunky personality and inspiring nature. She started in 2006 and she is now famous. Wow!
I can not tell you how much I enjoyed being there all alone and going to the classes I wanted, seeing the vendors I was interested in and eating lunch wherever I felt. Sometimes it is nice to be alone, soul search a little and meet new people. I met a lot of very nice photographers and hope to continue learning from them. I love this journey I am on and appreciate all of my clients that have let me take pictures of you and your families. I hope to keep pushing myself to newer, better places. Thank you.
I appreciate all of those that want to comment!

Some of the canvas gallery wraps that I loved

Mia & Claire

These are my sisters kids. When they came for Thanksgiving I was able to take some pictures of them. They now have a new baby brother, Owen who I look forward to seeing more of this summer hopefully.
My sister has 3 children, and yes her oldest just turned 2 1/2!!! Busy mama indeed. But a very dedicated, creative, loving mom always spending time with her children teaching, playing and tending to their needs. I’m grateful for her good example to me.


Summers new baby. Isn’t she beautiful at 1 week? Of course Summer had the greatest accessories that she had made. Loved all her hats and bows. She was a good baby! It was very fun to work with their family.

Brandon, Traci, Tjaden, Reagan, Jamie

Brandon was Ty’s anesthesiologist yesterday while he got his tonsils taken out. I was so grateful to know he would be taking care of my boy! These were taken back in November! I think I’m finally caught up with posts now.

Lots of babies


Remember the pictures I took back in November of the 10 babies in our ward? I finally have a moment to catch up and post more. Here are some of the individuals we took (in no particular order). Such cute babies.

Family pictures

I thought I would catch up on some posting. These were taken back in October! Our friend, photographer, surgeon, Bob Watson, took these pictures. I edited them. He is one of the best photographers I know and I was so grateful he was willing to take our pictures. The kids did pretty well. #1 had a rough time. I love the B&W image of her rubbing her eyes all sad while we are all having a good time. Classic. It actually shows their age and so I don’t mind one bit.

Our family away from family

This is the special family that helps me so much with my kids. They are my kids great friends and I can always count on them to help me whether it be borrowing a few eggs, to watching my kids while I go to the dentist. The 9 year old folds and puts away my laundry each week! How great is that!

Marcus, Lindsey and kids

My great friend, Brody’s great friend, and my kids great friends! We sure love this family. Merry Christmas. I will upload their Christmas card in a while


I don’t usually single kids out, but this girl was super photogenic and I just couldn’t pick one picture from her individual shots. So I decided to do a separate post. Enjoy.

Katelynn’s Senior pictures

This girl and her mom are such fun girls to be with. We had a great time shooting Katelynn’s senior pictures. Her mom now has a senior and a 3 year old in preschool, with some in between. I can’t imagine when my little girl is a senior. Katelynn is such a responsible, helpful, good girl.

Fall at its best

This was one of my all-time favorites shoots I’ve ever done. The thing I loved was these colors! Aren’t they great? If you want these next year, schedule in mid-October. This lady is the great preschool teacher who hired me to take pictures of her preschool classes. She is one talented lady. She and her husband have referred me to lots of people. Thank you! I was excited to finally take pictures of their family

Jean, Ray and Family

I can’t say enough about this couple. He is our hometeacher and was in my class when I taught Gospel Principles. She is the Stake Relief Society President. Don’t they just radiate goodness?! I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me to take pictures of their family

Babies, and more babies!!

All the babies at church under 1 year. Is this not hilarious! It wouldn’t be the same if one baby was missing. I love how the picture turned out. It really wouldn’t be as cute if some babies weren’t crying. I love how Megan is sitting on Boston’s lap, Tessla has her thumb in her mouth and the other babies are just sitting there. The white onesies were perfect too. I’m grateful for good friends and good moms that surround me.

Claus Family

We love this family! Those blue eyes haven’t been altered at all. Can you believe that?! Such beautiful girls.