Davy & Hillary

I’m really proud of this photoshoot because it was a lot of work. 3 little kids under the age of 5 and the 3 year old fell and hurt her lip (lots of blood) before we even started. We persevered and I feel like these shots are some of the most gorgeous family shots. I worked hard on post editing, and with quite a few composites, everyone is looking and no fat, bleeding lip is visible. Thankful for digital and for the knowledge I’ve learned in photoshop. ¬†And thank you to this darling family!

Family photoshoot at small airport {Camas, WA photographer}

Mr. Pilot and Mrs. Flight attendant

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! I love my friends. Mike couldn’t get any funnier and Cindy is one of my favorite, most sweet people. They really are the cutest couple and Taylor is one of my darling activity day girls. I love to tease them on how late they are to most things (I have no room to talk!) Yes, they were late to their own photoshoot! It actually worked out in our benefit and we got some amazing light with the sun setting.