This was what the sky looked like directly from the camera. It looked fake!  This was an amazing photoshoot! Thanks gang!


One word. GORGEOUS! This girl is a super athlete, so fun and such a cute girl. Lauren it was so fun to take pictures of you. So many others to come!

black/white version because I know Lauren loves B&W pics

Summertime 2012

I love summertime. I love sleeping in and getting to choose what we do every day. I love getting to adventure out and experience new things with family and friends. I must say I’m so proud that I’m actually doing something with my pictures! I made these collages for a book for my kids, but they are too fun not to share!


Summertime fun in the Northwest. I’ve never been blueberry picking. I can’t even express how fun and exciting this was to me. My favorite children’s book was “Blueberries for Sal” when I was a little girl. I was so excited about BLACKberries my first year here (which are painfully thorny to pick!) The thrill of huge clumps of blueberries everywhere on a beautiful northwest morning with my children and one of my favorite friends made this activity one of my favorites this summer. Thanks to my cute friend for telling me about this! Some cute pics of them …


washing, freezing, eating and jamming our blueberries. I LOVED it. I couldn’t help but think how healthy this is for my family.


Utah – my kids adore their cousins on both sides. They are the youngest kids on my husbands side and the oldest on my side. So they get experience being the followers and the leaders. ¬†Below we were all doing a “cheers!” after my hubby gave a special toast to family and especially his mom and her new found sister.

The hummingbirds at my in-laws were always around. Grandpa caught one in the garage, let the kids see it up close and let it go.


Grandpa and Dad taught the kids how to drive the small 4 wheelers on their own.   





These pictures below need a blog post all on their own. Quite the story! Someday I might take a stab at writing what this moment meant to all of us as we watched these cute sisters.




my husband and his family road in the bobsled in Park city.  They went 70+mph on the actual bobsled course from the 2002 Olympics. What an experience


Girl scout camp.  Look at these cute girls!! My girl is getting so big. She LOVED twilight camp. She came home so happy every night.

new baby!

New baby! and isn’t she precious.

I really enjoyed taking these newborn pictures because she was such a good baby and because I love this family! Whenever I’m around her mom it makes me want to be a better person. I love people like that. I only wish I lived closer to her so I could learn more from her.

Discovery Dental

I love how these pictures turned out. Discovery dentistry in Washougal, WA has the most amazing landscape. These pictures are in the backyard which you get to look at the whole time you’re getting your teeth cleaned. Their is a beautiful water feature in the back with tons of flowering trees.

They have awesome giveaways on facebook if you “like” them! I won a spa gift certificate last month. I was so excited!