4 day old Maya

This little cutie is brand new. Only 4 days old and so tiny. This is a first child and also first grandchild, so Grandma and a few friends joined us for the photoshoot. Newborn shoots take a long time, and the family was patiently all involved in getting her to sleep for our pictures. Such a great family! And what amazing parents. They were very laid back and didn’t get overwhelmed at all. I wish them the best of luck with this little beauty! Such a beautiful little girl.


chalk fun

I love pinterest and wish I had more time in the day to complete all the projects and ideas I have pinned. I slowly push ideas onto my accomplished list. Here is one of them. It is not my little guys birthday, but since it was good weather and we were out playing with chalk I drew some balloons and he paused for a moment long enough for me to get on a ladder and take a picture. Since it was worth me getting the ladder out to fit as much as I could in the picture, I thought I better post it.
I love my little boy and the joy I get from staying home with him! The original pin is on my pinboard here.

School pictures

School pictures at the spanish school. This is my favorite photo shoot of the year.  I love taking pictures of young children. I had so much fun making them laugh. Many of the parents asked me how I get them to smile and laugh so naturally – I just act really goofy.  I think I took about 50 kids pictures in 3 days. It was very fun.


If you’re interested in Spanish for your kids check out the website here http://www.spanishwithsarah.com

New puppy

I took pictures of this family last year. You can see the post here.  This cute family got a new puppy!  I took pictures for this cute mom and her son last year with their family dog they had for many years.  They knew it was coming to an end for him because of health problems.  He  passed away a few months later.  I’m so glad they got beautiful pictures with him.  Now they have a new puppy. Her name is Franklyn and she is such a beautiful dog! What a good little puppy. I like this one below because it shows her size.  Soon this 6 year old won’t be able to pick her up!

Ninjago lego birthday party




Ballons galore with Ninjago eyes taped on them. I just got the ninjago eyes image online somewhere and just printed it on cardstock. super easy!

Yellow smiley face helium balloons from the dollar store with tissue paper taped over them to look like ninjas. I had tissue paper of all the ninja colors. Each child got to take a balloon home with them. They chose which ninja they wanted.

Lego inspired chains made of cardstock

Lego game cards hanging from the ceiling. They weren’t used for anything, just lego decor. I was using whatever I could find around the house that was lego themed.  We also hung plastic circles in the bright lego colors up too. Those were from the twister hoopla game. Everything was hung with strings and tacks or tape.  They weren’t heavy items of course, so it was simple.



All the ninja’s were made into cakes except Cole because he is black and I couldn’t find my black coloring. I did make 5 mini cakes for that purpose but the boys didn’t even notice.  This might have been the hit of the party. We cut these into small slices so each of the kids could choose 2 ninja’s to eat and gain their powers (Kai – fire, Jay – lightning, zane- ice, green ninja – has all powers). The kids were so animated about this process.  Very exciting to them.


While they arrived they could build some star war legos from Ty’s advent calendar legos since they were super easy with little cards for the instructions

Hot lego – Adapted from Hot potato.  We played the Ninjago lego theme song (download on itunes) while they sat in a circle and passed the lego. Each person had to add a lego from the pile in the middle before they could pass it on. If it broke they had to put it back together before they could pass it.

Create your own lego creation and tell everyone about it

Punch for the prize – Tutorial. The kids loved this. We hid a Jay ninjago in one of them as the big prize. Everyone got a prize though


Playing Ninjago outside turned into rough housing for the boys.  A friend and I were out there watching them and making sure they were safe. Only two kids could jump at a time and Wow the tricks they had!

The 2 lone girls invited to the party: his sister and his friend from school that plays ninjago at recess with him. The girls loved everything ninjago too.



And of course my silly boy after his party could not resist showing off his poses for me. I tried and tried to get a normal smile, finally got one at the end, but the process made for some photos that truly show my boys personality. I sure love you Ty. Happy 6th birthday!

I found the idea for this thank you card online, but can’t seem to find it to give the owner credit. If this is your’s let me know so I can give credit. Thanks!

Road show 2012

Disneyland princesses

I cannot even begin to say how amazing our trip was to Disneyland. I took my 7 year old little girl and my mom joined us for a girls only trip. It was our first time there since I was 5 years old. We went to do all of the princess stuff together. She was the perfect age! She loved all the thrill rides, and so excited to see the princesses and get autographs. Here are our princess shots, I’m sure I will be posting many more pictures in the near future.

We happened to catch super short lines for Rapunzel and Jasmine – less than 10 minutes. They were both so gorgeous.  My little girl and I had matching pink sparkly Toms shoes on and Rapunzel loved them and said she wanted to get some!  My little girl thought that was so great.  
The most beautiful princess to me….    We had a magical visit in the bippity boppity boutique. She still fits in her Cinderella dress I made her when she was 4. I made it big enough. And as luck would have it we walked out of the boutique towards the castle and fairy godmother happened to be there with only one other little girl by her.  Isn’t my cinderella so darn cute?

Spanish school pictures

Yellow/gray damask

black/white damask (I didn’t put this on the paper that went home with your children, but please add it to the list of backdrop choices)

 pink/gray damask

light blue. This is my new backdrop and this is all I have to show the color… part of my sons birthday invite  🙂


Easter 2012

We had such a fun Easter, mainly because it was beautiful outside! The kids and I went to church and then we all went to the park to have an Easter egg hunt and play as a family. Dad below is telling the boundaries of where he hid the eggs in the park and then the search was on.  Luckily each of the kids got around the same amount of eggs. Whew, no fights, just fun. My mom had sent the kids a big box for Easter filled with already stuffed easter eggs as if she was doing the traditional hunt for them although we wouldn’t get to see our family this year at Easter. The eggs each had candy and money in each. Thanks Grandma!

Below My son took the top pictures without me knowing. He had my camera and was shooting away… way too many, but I love what he did capture – My husband and me swinging our girl on our hike and me taking pictures with the iphone. Both of which never get captured very often since. And the beautiful moss growing on the trees. I love the NW and the beauty ALL THIS RAIN supplies  🙂

 Dad teaching his little girl how to skip rocks. So sweet.

Spanish with Sarah school pictures

Hi parents,

I’m so excited to  be doing pictures once again at the school!  I really look forward to this each year because kids are my favorite to photograph.  I am in the middle of preparing for my sons birthday party, but I want to let you know I will be posting backdrop choices for you as well as ordering details in the next week – after this party is done  🙂

If you want to see the pictures I posted of last years classes you can view them by going to categories on my home page and clicking “preschool” pictures.

Here is one of my favorite posts 

Photo Challenge: my home – Superhero bedroom

This room belongs to one of the most passionate 6 year olds on the planet. He LOVES superheros, legos, learning about the solar system, and math. Oh how I love this kid.  And one of the most awesome attributes Ty has is that he likes to keep his room clean! He will spend hours organizing his superheroes just how he wants them.  He even sleeps with a blanket on top of his blanket to keep his bed made and looking nice. LOL.

Ty’s room was very fun to decorate because there are so many ideas with superheros. I loved the pottery barn spiderman bedding and our inspiration was PB’s room in their magazine.

Notice the light saber hanging on the wall? It is a night light!  One of the coolest things we have!  It has a remote to change the colors and it turns off automatically after 15 minutes.  Ty can also take it off the wall so he can use it when he decides to sleep in his “cubby” (closet) or in his small popup tent he has under his bed that he can set up whenever. Here is a link on amazon.

The Spiderman decals are from pottery barn and I lightly painted on a spiderweb with watered down craft paint one night.  He was so excited about that!

The clipboards are fun for Ty to change out his artwork because he definitely loves to draw and paint.  I would definitely put a screw in at the top and the bottom of the clipboard so the clipboard is flush with the wall. I haven’t done that yet.

Below is the mirror that we had and I let Ty paint it however he wanted.  I set it up in the garage with cardboard under and suran wrap over the mirror. He loves his mirror. It is light weight so he’s been taking it down to spin his Ninjago legos on it since it has the wooden barrier. I thought it was such a creative idea.

The locker – Craigslist, spray painted  blue. Lucky find! Love this!

spiderman bedding,decals – PB kids

rocking chair – craigslist , spray painted red

lego holder – old soda holder I think, Camas Antiques

airplane sign – Tai Pan in Utah (he used to have an airplane room)

wall book shelves – IKEA spice racks, so inexpensive, spray painted blue

Space mobile – Scholastic book reader – with magic school bus book and glow stars. Awesome deal!

light saber nightlight – Amazon 

bed – my husband and brother-in-law made it. Actually it is a bunk bed set, but we separated the boys for the time being

Paper mache letters – Hobby lobby, spray painted red

Photo Challengs: My home – Gallery wall

I think it is going to take me the whole month just to post day #1’s challenge of home.  🙂  I am really excited to share all the things I’ve been working on for months.  My sister made me the most beautiful fabric map of the United States.  She found the idea online, printed the pattern and while making herself one, she decided to do one for me too. Seriously amazing.  One of my most favorite gifts I’ve ever received.  I put it on canvas and it was my inspiration for my colorful gallery wall.  I got the gallery wall idea and how to from young house love.

I cut newspapers the size of my frames and put those up to design the wall. Then the best tip I received was to use toothpaste on the back of my frame where the nail should go.  I pressed the frame against the wall, toothpaste stays on the wall and I knew exactly where to put the nail. Perfecto!

At some point I’d love to get a chevron rug for my entryway and to change that believe sign above the door
artwork – Kaity daisy, Ella McDoniels, Sarah Jane, Ange Ellsworth

Photo challenge: day 3 my smile

This is my smile. And this is what I smile most about. Being with my kids. I asked m daughters teacher if I could bring these little donuts in to make snowmen for their Christmas party. It was so fun. The kids really enjoyed it and the best part is the glow that my daughter has on her face the whole time I’m there. She and my son both love when I volunteer, but my girl expresses it even more. She comes and hugs me as soon as I get to her class whether the teacher is teaching or not. And then when I’m leaving she gives me another bear hug. so cute.

Alliyah’s room- April photo challenge: “my home”

I put “DIY” girls room below because this truly was a “DO IT YOURSELF” room. I didn’t buy many things new for this room. I repurposed a lot. Except the bedspread and pillows which are new.  My little girl chose the set from pottery barn. I was a little hesitant because it is bright white and she is 7 years old and has little brothers. I had her promise she would not ever eat on her bed or draw while on her bed. So far so good. It is still crisp and clean. She takes good care of her room for the most part.

bed: This bed used to be in our master bedroom, but since my husband is 6’6″ we decide to upgrade from our queen to a cali king. This bed used to be a beautiful walnut wood color, and yes, I painted it! Actually spray painted it as a matter of fact. I am the spray paint queen. I have spray painted so many things in my house I cannot even count.  The hard part was sanding the bed, but once I was done with that I sprayed a good primer on the bed and then the spray paint. I use the spray paint from Home depot. I think it is called rustoleum. I love how it turned out. I did try to prime it with a paint brush and I couldn’t stand the brush strokes. I know there are definitely more professional ways to paint a bed, but this worked for me.

dresser: The dresser was my husbands grandmother’s. It used to be green with gold trim. I absolutely love this dresser and painted it 7 years ago while pregnant with my little girl. I changed out the knobs with some teal hardware from anthropologie to go with the teal accents in her room. The dresser could probably stand another coat of paint since its been 7 years, but that won’t be happening anytime soon I’m sure.

Wall vinyl: I don’t know if vinyl is still “In” or if that was so last year. But I saw this beautiful circle scalloped sign online  and just loved it. It can be customized on etsy here 

Sign: I saw this cute sign on pinterest. It is everywhere on there so I’m sure you’ve seen it too.  I had this old window that and decided to make the sign in this instead of using 3 separate frames. I love it! I just designed it in photoshop, printed them for cheap at costco and put them onto 11×14 foam core myself.

Highchair: The highchair for her American girl doll was a $3 garage sale find.  It was an ugly brown before… oh what a little spray paint can do!

Embroidery hoops: My sister made a couple for me and then I found an old vintage, embroidered pillow case that I cut up for one (close-up below). In her room I wanted to use the Sarah Jane fabric line  because I absolutely adore her work. She is my favorite artist. I love all the beautiful fabrics and how fun and playful they are. One has hopscotch print, one is colorful balloons floating in the sky, another is little girls playing with their dolls.  So girly girl and innocent.

mini flag banner: my sister made this for me with scrapbook paper and string. I love it!

book rack: Grandmother’s. Used to be very dated brown color, now super fun and vibrant! Spray paint once again!

embroidery hoop: vintage pillowcase found at an antique shop- Camas antiques

This shelf goes above her dresser so we can keep her dresser top free of clutter.  I covered the frame mats with Sarah Janes fabrics, the shelves came from ikea ($5 ea.), the brackets from home depot (had to spray paint them white) and the other vintage things are from her Great Grandma Helen who passed away.  The silver box to the right is a silver pilots keepsake box that came from her Great Grandpa who was a pilot. She polishes it often to keep it nice and shiny.

spinning stool:  This is a close-up of the stool the I painted and recovered with the same line of Sarah Jane fabrics. She really wanted one of my photography stools because it twirls and moves up and down. I didn’t want a black stool in her room because that wouldn’t be cute! So I recovered it. I used my staple gun for that project.

Pinboard: I got the pinboard at home goods.  It was black and just normal corkboard. I covered it with the same fabric I used for the curtains from the Sarah Jane line and of course spray painted the frame. I had to use a spray paint primer first, let it dry then sprayed it pink.  I was lucky that the pink spray paint happened to be exactly the hue I was looking for.

pink mirror: I wish I would have gotten a better picture of this beautiful vintage mirror that I spray painted pink. I have used it in a few photoshoots though, so you can see it up close here. It was my mother-in-laws.  She has another one waiting for me in Utah next time I’m there. I’m so excited. The best way to spray paint a mirror is to use suran wrap on the mirror itself. That worked really well.

Curtains – Okay these are no sew, no hammer kind of curtains.  These are made out of foam core.  Yes the kind you can buy at the dollar store! I think I used two pieces of foam core, packaging tape, a bag of batting from walmart, and my fabric. I followed this tutorial on little green notebook blog. If you make these make sure to put a top on your curtains. I hung mine using foam core on top, T-brackets, and skewer sticks. Yes, weird, but me and the home depot guy came up with it. They are on the wall nice and snug. 


Here is a pillowcase I made for my little girl. We misplace the books we are reading every once in a while. I made each of my children a reading pillow that they can put their book in. I love how they turned out. They do too.

Cubby: Every child needs a cubby right? We organized her clothes a little better in drawers so we could make space in her little closet. I used to use my moms closet as my cubby. I have such great memories of that closet. I would bring my flashlights in there and read, or try to nap. She has her CD player with Justin bieber’s cd’s, her art supplies, her glow in the dark light poster (magical) and her bieber wallpaper (I mean wrapping paper hung up as wallpaper)

American girl doll organization: We picked this organizer up from Target I believe. It has little places for her girls shoes, accessories, and clothes and fits right behind her door. It works well for the space we have.

And a few more closeups of the Sarah Jane artwork in her room…  Thanks for looking!  If you have any questions about anything in the room please let me know.


6 months and what a little cutie!  Sophia is such a great baby to photograph! I love all her cute little outfits.  The blue smocked dress is my favorite.  Her Grandma made it especially for her.

Look at the detail on this dress. Just beautiful!

Palm Springs

What a heavenly trip Palm Springs was for my husband and I. I am grateful to my in-laws who flew our way to take care of the kids for the weekend.  4 days without children in a sunny place with a pool and my husband by my side was a beautiful thing.  I read 2 photography books while laying by the pool relaxing. My husband almost finished the entire unabridged version of the Steve Jobs book which I can’t wait to read because he loved it so much.  And here are a few of the beautiful things we saw while in California.

And although most of our shots we have of us were in our swimsuits, which I wouldn’t post online, I do love this picture of me and my gorgeous husband relaxing on our lawn chairs enjoying being together alone without any cares or stress. I have one amazing husband and it was a beautiful thing to connect without any distractions in our world for 4 days.

Matilda Jane Trunkshow

Go online to view their clothing at www.matildajaneclothing.com and let me know if you want to order anything

In preparation for school pictures that I’m taking at Spanish with Sarah in April I am having a trunk show for the Matilda Jane clothing line.  They have the cutest clothes for girls!  Look around their website at MatildaJaneclothing.com.  If you’d like to come please let me know and I can send you my address.  It will be an open house on Friday, March 9th from 6-8pm. Bring your daughters if you’d like so they can try on clothes or you can just come for a girls night out!  If you don’t live close to me and want to order anything let me know and I can send your order to you.  You can only order clothes from this company at a trunkshow.  Hope to see lots of friends stop by!  P.S. they also have cute dresses for us moms too!
Here are some of my favorite looks *pictures from www.matildajaneclothing.com