Wesley’s mom was so cute in that she wanted this photo shoot to really show the age of her 2 year old. He loves to read books, jump & climb, play with airplanes, and his Dad loves Taz thus the taz shirt and tongue out of his mouth. Wesley posed himself in this photography above. I was dying! How cute is that. Holding his little airplaneHappy boy!

Laura, Matt, and kids

This is a family I met from our Spanish immersion school.  The mom is such a sweetheart. I loved the location she chose.  It is a lake closeby that I love taking my kids to and I’ve wanted to do a photoshoot there.  I was glad I got to go there and my sweet friend watched my kids while I got to do what I love to do… photography.

100 mile kayak trip

The youth in our church just went on a high adventure kayaking trip where they kayaked 100 miles from Camas to Astoria, Wa. Although I was jealous I couldn’t go on the trip, I really don’t know if I could have done that! Amazingly all the boys did it, even during bad rain. Way to go boys! The leader asked if I would photoshop some of the images of the trip. Here are a few of the images. 


Showing his age

Carsen is passionate about his star wars. His room at home is a super cool star wars room. Kelli decorated it really cute.  I wanted to do some pictures of him showing “his age” at 5 years old. I think this turned out perfect  🙂 I wanted it to have a supernatural look to it.  I think Carsen is going to love it!

Lance, Kelli and Carsen

Kelli is one of my favorite people in Washington. Carsen and my oldest son go to Spanish school together and play so well. They both love action heros and fighting with their light sabers. Oh the joys in a little boys life.  Kelli has been so kind to me. She is super sweet, bubbly and always a caring friend.  We have to move locally and she searched and searched for a house by her so we could be neighbors. She found the house we are moving into and it is 2 blocks from her!  Yeah. It will be so nice to have one good friend right of the bat in our new neighborhood.  Yeah!  Thanks Kelli. Hope you like the pictures.

Firehouse birthday

Big brother was invited to a neighbors birthday party they won at a silent auction here.  I even got to ride in a firetruck. The crew were so kind to all the kids. They showed each of the kids what it looks and sounds like for a fireman to be dressed up in all his gear during a fire so they won’t run from the fireman.  They do look and sound scary in all their gear and facemask.  It was very fun!

Spanish K kids and preschoolers

This has got to be one of the cutest groups of Kindergartners out there.  They were all dressed up for their big picture day.    I adore their teacher, Sarah.  She has a website (SpanishwithSarah.com) if anyone is interested in Spanish immersion.  We’ve enjoyed it and I am amazed at how much the kids know!  


There were almost 40 kids that I took pictures of, and all of them were darling kids.  It is my intention to post more when I have time.  I had lots of favorites.

Voodoo doughnuts and other yummy desserts

When my family was up here a few weeks ago we finally made our first trip to voodoo doughnuts.  It was amazing.  A staple of Portland with doughnuts that have cocoa puffs on top, or the bacon covered maple doughnut. They were all yummy. We ate 2 dozen.

The cannoli’s from whole foods were amazing. Everything at whole foods looked so good.  Those chocolate cups filled with tiramisu were beautiful. We had to take pictures.  And I am going to copy the idea of berries all over a cupcake. With some yummy frosting that would be a fun dessert.

Superhero Birthday!

This was one of the funnest parties we’ve ever done.  I loved how everything turned out. My family helped me out a lot. 

My creative sister made these for my little guy for his birthday.  He plays with them all the time.

The transformation chamber where they received their masks.   And then the Lava pit.  They all had to do superhero challenges to really become a superhero.
Mighty Muscles – They had to prove how strong they were (wrapping paper tube and toilet paper wrapped in tape and spray painted)

My brother helped me create Superman symbols with everyone’s real initial. I wish I would have had time to laminate those.
Vaporize a villain.  They had to go through the obstacle course of villains (balloons with bad guy faces) and fight them.
The ideas for this party came from the following blogs –  The hostess blog and designer girl and my friend Crystal, but her blog is private.


This might be the cutest service I’ve ever received.  My little 2 year old was outside playing and as I was watching him from the kitchen I saw this.  I could not believe he was bringing in the garbages. He brought in both garbage cans.  He is getting so big, and oh so sweet! 


My sister, Angela, took this and while she was visiting I helped her edit all the pics. I think she did a great job for one of her first photoshoots!  Tayler is a family friends niece and wanted the urban look for her pictures. I love, love that blue and yellow. Wow!


One more

I forgot I took this when I was at the Spanish school taking pictures. This is the last of this little guy.  He was tired and feeling sick, thus the puppy dog look on his face . 

April Fools

This was the funnest April Fools day I’ve ever had. My kids are old enough to understand the tricks being played on them. I made 35 of these “donut seed” packets found on familyfun.com. I brought mini donuts to the K kids and then asked if they wanted to grow their own donut tree. Frosted cheerios were inside the packets. Some of the kids were really excited to go home and plant a donut tree. Until I broke their hopes and told them APRIL FOOLS!
My oldest was so excited to tell her classmates at lunch what her mom did to her yogurt container. She was so surprised to find Jello instead of yogurt.
#1 thought this was hilarious, my 4 year old was so mad. He really wanted cake for breakfast. I reedeemed myself at lunch with the yogurt trick. He decided then that he liked April Fools day and decided to come up with some good tricks of his own. We also shared this cake with our teachers as well.

Maestra Molly’s baby

My little guy’s Spanish immersion teacher just had her baby. I was blessed to have been asked to take her pictures.  Taking pictures of newborns is different than small kids. For me it is harder because  the main goal is to get them to sleep or to be happy awake. Two things that should be easy, right?  ha ha. I am naturally not quiet. I’m a loud person that gets as excited about things like a little kid.  Probably why my main love is working with little kids.

When we finally capture the beautiful peace like this picture it makes me so grateful to be apart of the first few days of life.  Thanks Molly and family. More pictures to come. I did want to get these up to give you a sneak peek. Have a great weekend.

My {artist} sister

Artist, and one of the best moms in the world.  She is so creative and fun. She is always playing with her kids.  She inspires me.  She did service for our church in the Ukraine and of course she loves matryoshka dolls from there.  She brought home beautiful handpainted things from there.  Her little girls love Yo Gabba gabba and she came up with this. I don’t know how she thinks of the things she does. Her shop is MINI MOMENTS and AGED SIMPLICITY
note:my sis took this picture

2 little monkeys

I love watching this little guy perform…. “2 li’l monkeys jumpin’ on da bed, one fell off ‘n bonked his head, Mama called the dr. and the dr. said NO MORE monkeys jumpin’ on da bed.”

I have many more of this monkey to post. Had to get one up at least.