{Urban} Dave & Adina

Sweet truck huh?  I’ve always wanted to use a cool old truck in my pictures. Adina totally left the creativity up to me in this photoshoot. They were so easy- going about everything we did.  This family summed up is “cool”.  They go to tons of concerts, run lots of races and do lots of service for others. Cool.  I hope you like them gang.  There are so many to choose from, but this is what I got to tonight. More to come.

Dave, Adina and family

You may recognize this guy.  Is he your dentist?  The coolest dentist I’ve been to.  I love this family and had a great time taking pictures.  I get to work with his wife each week at church with the children.  What a blessing!  Isaac was the perfect “cool” teenager.  I had him put his ipod headphone in his ear to show his personality, since he has it whenever I see him.

If you don’t have a dentist, check him out. He really is super techy and has all the latest technology.  My 5 year old won a $25 gift card to Target for the “no cavity club”!! Very exciting in our world!  His website is right here –DISCOVERY DENTISTERY –   Not that I am getting anything to advertise him, just really mean everything I’m saying. The office is close to the Columbia river and the entire back of the building is windows that overlook a quaint pond/waterfall area where deer like to visit.  Crazy cool.

Spanish school pictures

Hi parents! I’m so excited to be taking pictures next week. Please choose what background you would like for your child in their individual shot.  Also any accessories you have – bows, hats, scarves look great in pictures, but not necessary.  This will be fun and I’m confident that all the kids are going to take awesome pictures for their parents!  ** Background choices are pink, B&W, or plain white

Valentine Day cards

I saw this valentine on a few blogs. I loved the idea. It was quite simple to make and print.  We printed them as 4X6 pictures, but they could have been smaller I suppose to fit 2 on one 4X6.

She and I went shopping for fabric to make a valentines day dress.  I just made it up and it was pretty easy!  She absolutely loves the dress, probably her favorite in her closet! She now wants to make a St. Patrick day dress too. How cute.   It made me happy to work on something together that meant a lot to her.

diaper cake

a diaper cake I made for my little guys preschool teacher. We all contributed money and stuffed it in the cake like leaves at the top. There are so many diaper cakes on the internet.  I have made quite a few and this was probably the easiest.

step 1:  rolls all the diapers up individually with little girl clear elastics. I used size 2 diapers for the bottoms and newborn for the top.

step 2: find a cylinder in your house to form the diapers around.  I used an empty crystal light container for the bottom and a jar for the top.  A big rubber band would be great to put around the bottom stack, but I didn’t have any. So I used fishing line and tied it around.  If it is a little loose it is okay because you can just stuff some more diapers in.

step 3: do the middle layer and top layer the same. I used newborn diapers for the top layer.

step 4: cover your rubber bands or fishing line with cute ribbon or fabric (I used fabric in this one) and then decorate with flowers or mini baby goodies, i.e. washclothes, baby powder, shampoo, binkies, socks, bibs.

Nicole and Ava

Will someone come over and take a picture of me and my daughter just like that?  I love it!  Nicole please promise me you are going to put this picture in her room!?   It shows what a cute relationship you have with your beautiful daughter.  And love both those bows! Don’t you?  Click here if you want them


Little girls don’t get much cuter than this girly.  Charleigh’s eys and lips are so great.  What a good girl too. She has long hair and our hairstylist for the day, Crystal, put it up in the coolest hairdo. I wish I was talented at hair like that!  Super trendy and cute!


Mother of 6 ~ You have got-sta be kidding me!  That is all I have to say about this model!  Julie you are so sweet.  Glad you were apart of the model shoot! I just realized I need to edit a full body shot of you girl.  I’ll put that on my list.

And she is wearing some of my favorite bows! Bekki at Mad Gabby just got on Etsy if you want to check her out click here or here at facebook


Julie are you dying that this is your daughter!  I really can’t imagine when my little 6 year old grows up to be a young women.  Isabelle you are so beautiful and have the model face down!  The first picture I love because of her beautiful look on her face and that bow just goes perfect with the backdrop don’t you think? Lovin’ it!

And below I couldn’t decide if I liked color or BW so I decided to do it in both. Her eyes and lips are awesome!


What can I say about this shot except I wish I had a pretty BFF shot with my friend that I could frame!!  How cute is that!  I love it. And they are all dolled up with their cute outfits and bows.  One word comes to mind when I think about Brittany… SPUNKY.  She has all sorts of colorful converse and she most often has a cute bow in her hair.  Hope you like Britt!  


Well this girl is the reason for all these fun pictures I’ve been posting. She is amazingly creative and talented.  If you are interested in any of her hair pieces go to her facebook page at Mad Gabby Peculiar Blooms.


Isn’t this mom of 3 amazingly gorgeous!  She has the best style, and of course the cutest kids – Gabby below being one of them. And of course the hair piece that Bekki made is amazing.  If you want to check out Bekki’s stuff head over to her facebook page.  Of course she is working on a website and once I finish with editing all the pictures we took she’ll have that up soon to showcase her Spring line.

Mad Gabby spring line

I had 10 models over on Saturday to take pictures of all the beautiful new Spring line of hair pieces that Mad Gabby-Peculiar blooms has made. I can’t wait to show you all the fun we had.  And I’m sure all the models are anxiously awaiting to see the pictures too.  When I saw this picture I instantly had to get it up on the blog. Isn’t she a doll? All of her pictures turned out stunning. What a photogenic little 4 year old.

Newborn Ethan

This cute little guy was only 4 or 5 days old when he got his pictures. His Daddy had to leave to work in another state so we hurried and got some pictures taken of him.  It was the easiest newborn shoot I’ve done because they are so sleepy at that age.  What a sweetie.