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My darling babysitter

Taken on the Columbia river. Love you Marissa! Thanks for all you do for our family and the love you show my kids! It means the world to me. More of your pics to come in December I promise!

                                This was what the sky looked like directly from the camera. It looked fake!  This was an amazing photoshoot! Thanks gang!


One word. GORGEOUS! This girl is a super athlete, so fun and such a cute girl. Lauren it was so fun to take pictures of you. So many others to come! black/white version because I know Lauren loves B&W pics

Road show 2012

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My sister, Angela, took this and while she was visiting I helped her edit all the pics. I think she did a great job for one of her first photoshoots!  Tayler is a family friends niece and wanted the urban look for her pictures. I love, love that blue and yellow. Wow!  


Not many seniors are as cute as this girl! Seems like she has everything – cute, athletic, so kind, responsible. Just what you want in a kid. Her friends came along for the shoot too. We had a good time out in the ghetto.

Katelynn’s Senior pictures

This girl and her mom are such fun girls to be with. We had a great time shooting Katelynn’s senior pictures. Her mom now has a senior and a 3 year old in preschool, with some in between. I can’t imagine when my little girl is a senior. Katelynn is such a responsible, helpful, good...