I can’t believe it, but we won the championship softball game last week in our cute little city!  I mean Wowzas!  Not by my help. Lets face it, I’m not very great at softball, but I had so much fun learning!  This is the first time I’ve played, well since jr. high with my church youth group.  And next year, watch out people. Let me tell ya.  Dates at the batting cages here we come!  I can hit a mean foul ball…   like clear over the fence (almost took out my own kids once – not good!).  Most of the season I played outfield where I wouldn’t have to get too many plays.  At the end of the season I decided to leave my comfort zone and play catcher. My friend Shana said “I bet you’ll be surprised how much you like it”.  Oh how right she was!  I get to chit chat with the ump and it doesn’t get much action where a really good player is needed.  Right up my alley!  Our umpire, Bob, might have just been the happiest person I’ve ever met.  He brought tootsie rolls for the kids every night and snuck one to us players when we hit good or made a good play.  We had to have him join our group shot. Thanks team for a fun activity this summer.  Here’s to next year!