Disneyland princesses

I cannot even begin to say how amazing our trip was to Disneyland. I took my 7 year old little girl and my mom joined us for a girls only trip. It was our first time there since I was 5 years old. We went to do all of the princess stuff together. She was the perfect age! She loved all the thrill rides, and so excited to see the princesses and get autographs. Here are our princess shots, I’m sure I will be posting many more pictures in the near future.

We happened to catch super short lines for Rapunzel and Jasmine – less than 10 minutes. They were both so gorgeous.  My little girl and I had matching pink sparkly Toms shoes on and Rapunzel loved them and said she wanted to get some!  My little girl thought that was so great.  
The most beautiful princess to me….    We had a magical visit in the bippity boppity boutique. She still fits in her Cinderella dress I made her when she was 4. I made it big enough. And as luck would have it we walked out of the boutique towards the castle and fairy godmother happened to be there with only one other little girl by her.  Isn’t my cinderella so darn cute?