Easter 2012

We had such a fun Easter, mainly because it was beautiful outside! The kids and I went to church and then we all went to the park to have an Easter egg hunt and play as a family. Dad below is telling the boundaries of where he hid the eggs in the park and then the search was on.  Luckily each of the kids got around the same amount of eggs. Whew, no fights, just fun. My mom had sent the kids a big box for Easter filled with already stuffed easter eggs as if she was doing the traditional hunt for them although we wouldn’t get to see our family this year at Easter. The eggs each had candy and money in each. Thanks Grandma!

Below My son took the top pictures without me knowing. He had my camera and was shooting away… way too many, but I love what he did capture – My husband and me swinging our girl on our hike and me taking pictures with the iphone. Both of which never get captured very often since. And the beautiful moss growing on the trees. I love the NW and the beauty ALL THIS RAIN supplies  🙂

 Dad teaching his little girl how to skip rocks. So sweet.