As this year ends I thought I’d put some of my favorite family pictures on here.  I am blessed to have an identical twin sister. She and I talk almost every day. We can tell each other anything. I know she will always tell me the honest truth about something I’m contemplating. She will support me in anything I do and she most importantly loves my kids so much.  She is a fantastic aunt.  She always hand crafts something special for my kids for their birthdays and Christmas.  This summer she came out to visit us with her family. We took a few “grandkid” shots for my mom because this was a special year.  During the summer months my Mom and Dad had grandkids aged 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.  How awesome is that!  From 2 twin girls they have been blessed with 6 grandkids in 6 years.  Whew, tiring just saying that.  

The picture below was taken after a big day of fishing. I don’t remember what we told the kids to do, but all of their poses sure show their personalities. Such cuties.