Jesse, Luka and dog Ben

This is one of my sons favorite friends from Spanish school. This little Luka speaks 3 languages fluently!  Amazing right?  He knows Serbian, Spanish and English.  Technically he is an only child, but he does have a brother…. his dog, Ben, who might I say is one of the prettiest dogs. He has been apart of their family for over ten years. If I were to ever get a dog (Which I will NOT until my kids are much more independent and helpful!) I would choose a lab like Ben or a golden doodle.  They are beautiful and so loving. Anyways, Ben is getting old. He has arthritis and is having a hard time getting around now in his old age. It is very sad because they know he won’t live much longer.  So Jesse wanted to get family pictures as soon as she could. We couldn’t seem to get her husband in the pictures, so she decided to do it without him even though that wasn’t top choice, she really wanted to make sure to get Luka and Ben together.  The one below of Luka walking with his dog is so sweet.  And this family picture below in particular totally shows the love between mom and son. I love it!

One of Ben’s favorite things to do is swimming in the Columbia river. The last time they took him to the river he could barely walk, so instead of going to the water I took them to our old neighborhood which overlooks the Columbia river. And Ben loved it up there! He was exploring so much we had a hard time getting him to stay put for pictures.  Of course that was a wonderful thing though! I’m sure it made Jesse smile to see her dog exploring and walking so well.

Jesse you are so beautiful!