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MY GIRL!!  14, my little girl (taller than me) and one of my best friends. Raising a girl that is confidant in who she is is hard, especially in middle school. There are so many people, images, words that beat down at our kids self esteem, at their feelings of worth. Although this cutie isn’t perfect at it, I’m constantly impressed with the confidence she has. She is 6’1 and loves it. I remember slouching, being called a “twin tower” with my twin sister, never getting asked to dance at the middle school dances, and just downright not loving my tallness until I was much older. I often thought “will I ever find a husband?”… which I did, a 6’6 husband.
Yesterday she gave a quick talk in church in front of the congregation about Individual worth. She brought up the fact that she is tall and gets comments about it at least 5 times a day… and while some people may find that completely annoying she takes it and is fine with it.  She focuses on the good that comes from being tall rather than the negative. What if we all did that? Looked at the good in how we were created rather than the negative things about ourselves?
I absolutely loved her thoughts in a 14 year old way of putting individual worth. Anyone want to read what she said? I’ll post it below.
What are some things you do to instill confidence and self worth in your children? Share to help others on their parenting mission!
Thank you to Meg Bingham for these truly favorite images.
Hi! My name is Alliyah Barnes today I will be talking about individual worth. I think that individual worth is being able to have self confidence and knowing that you are a child of god, and that he made you the way you are for a reason.

I felt like this was a perfect subject for because I am so tall. My whole life I have stood out for my height, wherever I go I am constantly asked, “ Do you play Basketball? Volleyball? Are you a model?”

Most people would think that it gets annoying being taller than everyone else but I love it. I love being able to see everyone, play sports, being able to reach whatever I want 🙂  I think that God has created us all to be unique and have our own special talents.

For my Individual worth project I have worked hard at playing volleyball. With my height it helps a lot with the sport I love! This summer I have done private lessons, clinics, and open gyms. I think that we all have our own individual worth, for some it’s sports, being smart, or being really funny. My favorite quote for individual worth is, “ I am of infinite worth with my own divine mission, which I will strive to fulfill.”  To me this means that we all have our own path in life, and what we do with our talents, and differences is our own choice. God gives us talents and its our job to reach our highest potential with them.

There is a scripture in D&C Chapter 18 that says Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.

If you are having a hard time, please know that God loves you! You are uniquely you for a reason.