Ninjago lego birthday party




Ballons galore with Ninjago eyes taped on them. I just got the ninjago eyes image online somewhere and just printed it on cardstock. super easy!

Yellow smiley face helium balloons from the dollar store with tissue paper taped over them to look like ninjas. I had tissue paper of all the ninja colors. Each child got to take a balloon home with them. They chose which ninja they wanted.

Lego inspired chains made of cardstock

Lego game cards hanging from the ceiling. They weren’t used for anything, just lego decor. I was using whatever I could find around the house that was lego themed.  We also hung plastic circles in the bright lego colors up too. Those were from the twister hoopla game. Everything was hung with strings and tacks or tape.  They weren’t heavy items of course, so it was simple.



All the ninja’s were made into cakes except Cole because he is black and I couldn’t find my black coloring. I did make 5 mini cakes for that purpose but the boys didn’t even notice.  This might have been the hit of the party. We cut these into small slices so each of the kids could choose 2 ninja’s to eat and gain their powers (Kai – fire, Jay – lightning, zane- ice, green ninja – has all powers). The kids were so animated about this process.  Very exciting to them.


While they arrived they could build some star war legos from Ty’s advent calendar legos since they were super easy with little cards for the instructions

Hot lego – Adapted from Hot potato.  We played the Ninjago lego theme song (download on itunes) while they sat in a circle and passed the lego. Each person had to add a lego from the pile in the middle before they could pass it on. If it broke they had to put it back together before they could pass it.

Create your own lego creation and tell everyone about it

Punch for the prize – Tutorial. The kids loved this. We hid a Jay ninjago in one of them as the big prize. Everyone got a prize though


Playing Ninjago outside turned into rough housing for the boys.  A friend and I were out there watching them and making sure they were safe. Only two kids could jump at a time and Wow the tricks they had!

The 2 lone girls invited to the party: his sister and his friend from school that plays ninjago at recess with him. The girls loved everything ninjago too.



And of course my silly boy after his party could not resist showing off his poses for me. I tried and tried to get a normal smile, finally got one at the end, but the process made for some photos that truly show my boys personality. I sure love you Ty. Happy 6th birthday!

I found the idea for this thank you card online, but can’t seem to find it to give the owner credit. If this is your’s let me know so I can give credit. Thanks!