Palm Springs

What a heavenly trip Palm Springs was for my husband and I. I am grateful to my in-laws who flew our way to take care of the kids for the weekend.  4 days without children in a sunny place with a pool and my husband by my side was a beautiful thing.  I read 2 photography books while laying by the pool relaxing. My husband almost finished the entire unabridged version of the Steve Jobs book which I can’t wait to read because he loved it so much.  And here are a few of the beautiful things we saw while in California.

And although most of our shots we have of us were in our swimsuits, which I wouldn’t post online, I do love this picture of me and my gorgeous husband relaxing on our lawn chairs enjoying being together alone without any cares or stress. I have one amazing husband and it was a beautiful thing to connect without any distractions in our world for 4 days.