Photo Challenge: my home – Superhero bedroom

This room belongs to one of the most passionate 6 year olds on the planet. He LOVES superheros, legos, learning about the solar system, and math. Oh how I love this kid.  And one of the most awesome attributes Ty has is that he likes to keep his room clean! He will spend hours organizing his superheroes just how he wants them.  He even sleeps with a blanket on top of his blanket to keep his bed made and looking nice. LOL.

Ty’s room was very fun to decorate because there are so many ideas with superheros. I loved the pottery barn spiderman bedding and our inspiration was PB’s room in their magazine.

Notice the light saber hanging on the wall? It is a night light!  One of the coolest things we have!  It has a remote to change the colors and it turns off automatically after 15 minutes.  Ty can also take it off the wall so he can use it when he decides to sleep in his “cubby” (closet) or in his small popup tent he has under his bed that he can set up whenever. Here is a link on amazon.

The Spiderman decals are from pottery barn and I lightly painted on a spiderweb with watered down craft paint one night.  He was so excited about that!

The clipboards are fun for Ty to change out his artwork because he definitely loves to draw and paint.  I would definitely put a screw in at the top and the bottom of the clipboard so the clipboard is flush with the wall. I haven’t done that yet.

Below is the mirror that we had and I let Ty paint it however he wanted.  I set it up in the garage with cardboard under and suran wrap over the mirror. He loves his mirror. It is light weight so he’s been taking it down to spin his Ninjago legos on it since it has the wooden barrier. I thought it was such a creative idea.

The locker – Craigslist, spray painted  blue. Lucky find! Love this!

spiderman bedding,decals – PB kids

rocking chair – craigslist , spray painted red

lego holder – old soda holder I think, Camas Antiques

airplane sign – Tai Pan in Utah (he used to have an airplane room)

wall book shelves – IKEA spice racks, so inexpensive, spray painted blue

Space mobile – Scholastic book reader – with magic school bus book and glow stars. Awesome deal!

light saber nightlight – Amazon 

bed – my husband and brother-in-law made it. Actually it is a bunk bed set, but we separated the boys for the time being

Paper mache letters – Hobby lobby, spray painted red