Photo Challengs: My home – Gallery wall

I think it is going to take me the whole month just to post day #1’s challenge of home.  🙂  I am really excited to share all the things I’ve been working on for months.  My sister made me the most beautiful fabric map of the United States.  She found the idea online, printed the pattern and while making herself one, she decided to do one for me too. Seriously amazing.  One of my most favorite gifts I’ve ever received.  I put it on canvas and it was my inspiration for my colorful gallery wall.  I got the gallery wall idea and how to from young house love.

I cut newspapers the size of my frames and put those up to design the wall. Then the best tip I received was to use toothpaste on the back of my frame where the nail should go.  I pressed the frame against the wall, toothpaste stays on the wall and I knew exactly where to put the nail. Perfecto!

At some point I’d love to get a chevron rug for my entryway and to change that believe sign above the door
artwork – Kaity daisy, Ella McDoniels, Sarah Jane, Ange Ellsworth