Spring is coming!

My little girl has been learning about Groundhog day in school. Her teacher is quite an expert on the holiday. She serves on a board of some sorts for the big day.  She is such a cute teacher.  I must say I wouldn’t have had a clue about the event otherwise, but YES the groundhog saw his shadow and only 6 more weeks of winter people!    hmmm…. since we live in the northwest I’m guessing that might be wrong, but maybe a sunny spring is headed our way.

I’m itching to get away somewhere warm… but until then I thought I’d post one of the most amazing things I found when I moved to beautiful, green Washington from sandy, dessert Nevada.  A Dahlia farm was right down the street from our home. (Something to look forward to when it warms up here).   Our sweet neighbors grow a variety of dahlia’s and let people pick them 10 for $1. Me and my kids were in heaven.  For the past 2 summers we’ve loved the whole experience of going to the farm to get beautiful flowers to fill our home with color and give to our friends and teachers.   These pictures were taken in 2010 when we moved here and then I lost the point and shoot camera they were taken with.  Well I just found the camera! How exciting.  It was fun to reminisce  about these pictures and also see how much my kids have grown since moving here.

Thank you to the sweet family who owns this farm. They are some of the nicest people. And besides that my kids think they live in the coolest house ever.  “It is a secret house” they say since it is tucked into the woods. Beautiful place to call home.  Thanks for sharing it with me and my kids!