What to wear

  1. Feel good: ABOVE ALL ELSE Please Please Please wear something that feel good in! I want you to look in the mirror and say “Yeah I am looking good today!” don’t sacrifice how you feel in the clothes for the sake of coordinating with your family, MOMS I am talking to you!! You choose your clothing first, then help the rest of the group work around you.
  2.  Coordinate: You don’t have to wear the same color.  Think COORDINATE rather than MATCH. Start with one outfit that you love, and then focus on making sure the others coordinate. Try to stick to 2-3 main colors, and avoid too much white, black, or fluorescents. Bright, bold and muted colors are all great options. When combining colors, consider mixing a few neutral items in with your bold items, and then let accessories like scarves and jewelry showcase the bright pops of color.
  3. Add Personality: Everyone has their own personality and style and your clothing for your portraits should show off the personality of the people in the photo.  So rather than making everyone wear the same color, find a palette of colors that all work well together and the let each person express their individuality.
  4. Layering can come in the form of cardigans, blazers, tights, boots, or even a bold necklace or a scarf. Layers not only add depth and texture to your photos, but you can also add or remove them if the weather changes unexpectedly.
  5. Avoid clothing with large logos: I am not going to post any photos of offenders, but please don’t show up in
  6. t-shirts with writing all over them, it distracts the eye from the important things (like your face) and can lead to image looking dated too soon.
I hope this guide helps, I want you to LOVE your portraits and having a well put together wardrobe will help you love them even more!!
Below are some links that are helpful as well and give some good examples. Ladies please see the link below about makeup tips for photoshoots. They are great tips!